if I be Shaven, is inspired by Judges 16; 16, 17, -the moment when Samson confesses the truth, revealing his weakness. In a return to Gallant’s background in printmaking, the sections of wood that form a parquet floor are replaced by relief-printed images of hair from Gustav Doré's engravings for the Bible. Taking the full gamut of imagery from the prostitute begging for her child's life, Samson's strength-giving locks, and Jesus's hair matted with blood, the sexual and religious symbolism associated with the abstract motif connects us to sin regardless of the viewer’s beliefs.

The piece was made for London 12 at Prague City Gallery , curated by Toby Clarke. The laminate floor was constructed on top of the antique parquet in order to protect it and this was printed on using linocuts and oil based black ink. The design of the parquet matched the style that ran throughout the museum. Each tile was printed separately by hand using the available body weight.