In Praise of Shadows was a commission from an arts organisation based in Milan and Ibiza for an annual arts festival on the island. The theme of this years festival was Fear.

In light of the perilous journeys migrants face day after day I focused on the representation of lifejackets on airline safety cards. The lifejacket has been widely used as artists and the medias goto stand-in for the 'horror' and scale of lives risked and lost, alongside images of the 'swarm' of migrants behind chain link fences. Dehumanising and depersonalising tens of thousands of individual stories.

Safety cards use this dehumanised graphic representation in order to instruct without emotion. In the works, the chain link fence serves as a structure to hold the lasercut forms together; providing strength and support to the faceless people calmly donning their safety devices whilst the airplane bobs gently on the surface of the warm sea.

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