101 Views was a collection of responses to pages of vintage magazines, playing with the idea of removal, revelation and collage.  Each title came from Hokusai's series 101 Views of Mt. Fuji.

36 Fuji & Ascending Dragon

Pattern was used to reference the relationship to the eroticism of cloth in the place of flesh in erotic Japanese Edo period printmaking.  Pages were scanned, previous work with William Morris designs for wallpaper used and the results carefully registered to create the final collage.

66 Fuji in a City

Out of the direct responses to the pages came a series of minimal works utilising plain pages that had colour images behind.  By removing the letters and image frames and displaying the papercuts floating above a white mount the photographs are reflected creating a halo of colours.

84 Fuji behind a Net

Combinations of text and image reveal simple graphic devices that were used to create the layout.  These censored works led me to find the elements I required to redesign an entire magazine based on rules rather than my decisions.  Knockers Issue 2 was the result. 

29 Fuji through Flowers

42 Fuji in a Dream

30 Fuji in a Good Harvest


photo credits: Ivan Jones