Tom Gallant disrupts the language of collage through intricately handmade works prepared using digital techniques.  Whether using papercutting, ink wash or relief printing each stage of the process is tied to the core concept.  

Gallant appropriates images and motifs that connect to man’s inhumanity and its influence on visual culture.  His background in illustration and printmaking has influenced his fascination with the didactic image and the dissemination of ideas through the various industrial revolutions, from the industry of organised religion to the printing press and the loom.  Gallant has constantly placed research and the analysis of literature at the core of his practice and the psychological, social and cultural influences on the narrator and the reader.

In 2001 Tom Gallant held a fellowship at the Royal Academy Schools, followed by a residency at Stichting B.a.d, Rotterdam in 2003 and his first solo show at Museum 52 in 2004, Collector I.  Gallant’s work is included in many major international collections and his recent exhibitions include Audacious, Denver Art Museum, Denver, Manus x Machina, Met Museum, New York City and Turkish Tulips, Bowes Museum.  He is currently working towards a major public art installation in Berwick Street, Soho, London.


photo credit: Ivan Jones