Research into sustainability for a new website led me to create a print portfolio to raise funds directly for a plastic recycling project in the Tonga.


THORN, 2018


The prints continued the visual research into the creation of a major cut paper piece based on the runic alphabet. Thorn, 2018, is based on the symbolism of the character thorn in the Runic alphabet.

and their eyes were opened…, 2019

Hand made half-clamshell box bound in two colours for black and white set and hand tinted set. Each box contains twelve individual folders with printed poems and hand printed photopolymer etchings.

and their eyes were opened…, 2019

Printed in Arcane Studios, London, each image is a digital collage taking details from Gustave Doré’s illustrations for the Bible, Paradise Lost and Coleridge’s Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

disobedient prophet, 2019

Nature oft with open arms, 2019

keen eye of the master, 2019

Stretched forth his hands, 2019

every fan they broke, 2019

and from my neck so free, 2019

fortitude must arm itself, 2019

Laments upon the Wondrous, 2019

Abated from off this Earth, 2019

To Him my Tale I Teach, 2019

Richer than a Gilded Fool, 2019

In Search of Hope’s Insurgence, 2019


The prints are available to buy as a box set or individually, monochrome and hand coloured. For more information please contact me here…