Spring/Summer 2018 Collection

‘Reunion’ - The action of being brought together again as a unified whole.
A volcanically active, subtropical island in the Indian Ocean east of Madagascar.
— From Latin reunire ‘unite’

REUNION    ©Tom GALLANT, 2017 


Tom Gallant continued his collaboration on the print collection for S/S’18 as well as the imagery for embroidery.  The artwork took inspiration from visions of paradise, from Henri Rousseau's jungles to Jacques Barraband's 18th century illustrations for birds of paradise.

Following his own meticulous approach to research and digital preparation of artworks Tom has been developing the story that will articulate the concept for visual components as well as provide a provocative and profound language to be shown alongside the collections.


The narrative feeding the designs for the season’s print continues with the mythology surrounding Persephone and the fascination with the cult of Demeter that still influences contemporary witchcraft.  Talking birds are one of the symbols for Persephone. 


The queen of the underworld gives rise to the ceremonies around harvest, change of seasons and its cycles. Sleepwear is the bridge between two realities of night and day; this collection uses that relationship in both medium and message.


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