Public art commission by the council in Pendrecht, Rotterdam-Zuid.  Sixteen window shafts on four buildings on two streets renovated over four years.  A collaboration with four artists.  Kamiel Verschuren, Laurien Dumbar, Thijs Ewalts and myself, completed in 2018.


The district Pendrecht is a monument of post-war reconstruction architecture, furthermore, it was an area developed by the town planner Lotte Beese.  The apartment buildings on the Melissantstraat were built in 1953.  They have striking facades that show many geometrical and graphic details.


Commissioned by Woonstad Rotterdam in 2015, Kamiel Verschuren invited myself and two close friends to collaborate on designing artworks for light shafts to be cut into the existing stairwells.  The results were to be printed onto glass and made into laminated panels. 


What developed was a wonderful exercise in a team finding their strengths through the removal of their individual 'style' or creative identity and developing a strategy for collaboration; free of conflict but full of open discussion.