Public art commission for

Latitude Architects & PMB Holdings

2015 - completion due 2018

DESIGNS - 1st to 3rd floor panels & ACCESS SCREENS/GATES

HOPKINS Street Elevation, 2018 .

HOPKINS Street Elevation, 2018.


The original direction was to invert the colour palette with the cool colours on top.  However, the first design for the metal gates used Corten steel.

Once it was decided to use brushed stainless steel on the gates we chose to connect the material in the top layer of the panels.

The use of perforated or punched metal as the technique for the gates is referenced in the interior of the curves and in off-the-shelf metal panels to the south of the building.  The technique also avoids creating sharp objects, footholds or gaps for children's heads; the main safety directives.


The Rose Window design is laid across all five gates continuing to reference the panels with a change of area revealing more of the geometry. The design is still in progress with the decision to use a halftone to bring more of the visual research into the project.  



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